Michael Geib


Believe it or not, his career choice was in the food services and hospitality industry. He started as a line cook at fifteen and worked up to hold positions in Catering & Special Events Management, Kitchen Management, and Assistant General Management. He learned a lot about the business side of things through hands-on and immersive training at a young age. Growing tired of the monotony of the restaurant industry, he was contacted by William Dellaechaie of Summit. He was in need of some temporary¬†labor at a large fire loss, so he happily accepted the offer and said: “I’ll give it a go”. He immediately fell in love with the hard work and seeing the fruits of his labor. It is his goal to attain Master Water Restorer status, and continuing to provide every client with the compassion, empathy, and knowledge they need to feel comfortable in an uncomfortable restoration environment.


He was born in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, but the main place he calls home is Chicago, Illinois. He then moved to Las Vegas in 2010. He enjoys spending his free time with his family doing leisure activity such as outdoor hiking, playing sports, and training with his step-son Alexander. He is also an avid NBA fan. Though the Chicago Bulls will always be his team, he is becoming a big fan of Minnesota Timberwolves and watches almost every game.